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Essential Web Designing Tips

Essential Web Designing Tips

Designing a website is no easy task. You got a whole lot of aspects to consider to ensure your client has a dashing online identity. While the pros may have cruised through all of these initial difficulties with experience and time, this post id for the beginners and amateurs who wish to get better at web designing:

1. A super speedy site – your main aim

You need to come up with a site that’s super quick to load in all devices. Overloading your site with a lot of images or videos isn’t going to help you in any way. Keep your site as light as possible, and if using pictures and videos is essential, ensure that all the media is site friendly and doesn’t weight down your site down. No one (even you) like a site that’s slow – so your prime focus has to be on speeding up your site.

2. Fonts and colours matter

Keep the main objective of your client in mind when choosing the font and the colour scheme. Is the requirement more formal? Or casual? IS your client looking for something new and fresh? There are loads of options available out there from which you can zero down the best fit. And keep in mind, an appealing font and a striking colour scheme can work wonders for the overall look of your site.


3. Minimalistic and straightforward

The more simple and elegant a website is, the better the overall look is. Unnecessarily inserting stuff in your website to make it look full of the content doesn’t make any sense. A crisp website that conveys all the point is just perfect – so try to opt for minimalism as much as you can.

4. Compatibility

The design of your website has to be compatible with every possible device. Not laptops or PC’s, but also tabs and smartphones. Most of the people these days use their smartphones for most of their online purposes – so yes, smartphone compatibility has to be at the foremost. Design your website keeping this major aspect in mind, which is the only way to boost accessibility.

5. Interactive website

All love a responsive website – the more interactive you make your website, the better will be the response of your audience to it. Ensure you have a dedicated area on your site that’s entirely dedicated towards visitors, their feedback and responses.
There you go – the basics of a great website!

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